Fat People Can’t Fly – Justin Hanks

Fat People Can’t Fly

Justin Hanks

I’m not the biggest fan of airplanes. For one, I’m afraid of heights. I also find the chairs cramped and uncomfortable. Lastly, I don’t enjoy sitting next to complete strangers who, with my luck, are frequently gassy.

If someone told me I could never board a plane again, I’d happily oblige. Goodbye and good riddance. I’m perfectly content with a train… or a boat… or a pimped-out golf cart with fire decals.

But I suppose that’s not the case for everybody.

Ten stewardesses at Air India are fighting for their right to soar the skies after being fired. According to BBC News, the airlines stated that the women failed to meet company weight restrictions calculated by height and age. In layman’s terms, the women were deemed too fat to fly.

The stewardesses fought back, but they ultimately failed to get the policy declared unconstitutional by the Indian High Court. Talk about a heavy defeat.

Frankly, I’m appalled by the airline’s decisions. Where do they get off saying that someone is not the right body type for a job that requires little to no physical exertion?

I mean, it’s not like they’re construction workers or running marathons for the Olympics. They have one simple job: distribute overpriced peanuts.

Well, I guess they have two jobs. They also have to slide that fancy blue curtain a few times to remind us common peasants that we’re not first class royalty.

But I digress. The fat shaming is an outrage. If we’re banning overweight people from having jobs that require movement, we should at least be consistent. Stop hiring pudgy mall cops.

But I don’t support that either. We shouldn’t discriminate against anybody. I fail to see Air India’s logic. If a plane crashes, people are going to die regardless of whether they’re fat or not.

Hell, it might even be beneficial to have some obese folk. In case of emergency, a one thousand pound carcass could be used as a flotation device.

But maybe the airline’s decision has nothing to do with efficiency? Maybe they just want to be hip and sexy. Well if that’s the case, I object even more.

We don’t need super models running our flights. They know nothing about plane safety. The airline industry and the fashion industry couldn’t be more different. One involves a runway, and the other involves… umm, nevermind.

I don’t know what else to say. I feel so bad for these women. Apparently not all cows are sacred in India.

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  1. Nnie says:

    Anyway. I have a friend. She's just 12 years old and she obsessed to be skinny.

    She joined a DIET PROGRAM.

    OH my god she's just 12 years old! And why did her Mom let her to join a diet program?

  2. Viki says:

    all that walking up and down aisles.
    well I remember when we were coming back from cuba last week my mom said to me; these stewardesses are pretty girls.
    yes all thing, perfect faces, hair in perfect buns tied off their faces, -sigh-
    ahha i was like, I've been on planes with rather large people o_o

  3. Nnie says:

    I know I was joking lol, it was sarcasm :p
    I just saw a commercial break, and there was a man that said "I love a skinny girl, white skin girl, bla bla, beautiful…"

    That's why we can find lots ofpeople that have eating disorder because they think that all man in this world love a skinny beautiful girl.

    Sorry, random comments.

  4. Mary says:

    LOL maybe I should change the name to Jellytastic it sounds better. Its not just because your blogs are short there sort of insightful too. 🙂

  5. Viki says:

    oh yes, yes.
    and when that day comes you'll be first to know :k
    That's so stupid as I see, I mean I've heard of heavy people flying but like, you can't be like YOURE TO HEAVY YOULL NEVER GET ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ATLANTIC.
    just mean.
    ahha, yes maybe not the best example but I get what you mean.
    but on the other hand you know how incredibly uncomfortable you might be if you're sitting at a window seat and this heavy person is taking up 2 seats near the isle and you have to climb over them to get to the wash room and everything, -sigh- yeahh.

  6. Nnie says:

    lol yeah and now I know title's important but I can't edit my blog because my fanupdate error ~~ blahh .

    I read your blog and it's really interesting.

    WHAT THE H— Air India is?? They think weight of stewardess can affected a plane CRASH?

    that's absolutely crazy,

  7. Mary says:

    Cause it was nearly 1000 words long :p. I read yours cause their short and funny. 🙂

  8. Mary says:

    I didn't hear about that what were the weight restrictions?

    I can't believe you actually read my blog i'm seriously amazed. I'm glad you can comprehend the sadness of the story. Sounded like you might shed some tears. 😛

  9. Chrys says:

    Well, it kind of makes sense. Hmm. I dunno, have you ever noticed how all flight attendants look pretty? I have never (to this date) seen an ugly flight attendant. I guess it's because they think that pretty people will make their company look better.

    Maybe they have the same idea for weight and that anything over a given weight is deemed "not marketable enough" or something.

    I dunno, sounds a bit extreme.

    Then again how fat are they? Because if they find it hard to walk down those narrow ailes they are going to have trouble bending down to get the food for people, that's for sure, lol.

    Still, strange. I hadn't heard of that before!! Hmm.. Hahhaha. Imagine using the stewardesses as flotation devises?
    "Excuse me miss.. I would like to board you"


    Oooooh. Four hours of study… Nah, too much. Lol!!

    ITGS = Information Technology in a Global Society. It's pretty much computer ethics with a bit of technical stuff thrown in as well. It's very hard to revise for, that's for sure.

  10. Zach says:

    A cycle is all the school different days. We have days like day 1 and we go to these classes, day 2, day 3… day 7. And That's a cycle. xD
    I'm not really good ate explaning so, yah

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