Start Every Day with a Smile – Justin Hanks

Start Every Day with a Smile

Justin Hanks

My mother used to say I should start every day with a smile.

Well, I’ve been thinking about it, and that’s a pretty tough task. When I wake up, my mouth is usually in a frowning position. And no, it’s not because I’m sad. It’s just my face. When I sleep, I have a literal “resting bitch face.”

Aside from the frown, my mouth is often tackling other obstacles. Sometimes it’s dry and chapped. Sometimes it’s wet and drooly. Sometimes it’s covered in whipped cream from the kinky night before.

Sorry Mom, but I’m set up for failure. There’s no possible way for me to follow your advice.

I mean, I could quickly adjust my face as soon as I’m coherent… but technically, that’s not “starting” my day with a smile. The frown still proceeds it. And besides, I don’t have the acting chops to pull off the switcheroo. Somebody would catch me. Somebody always catches me when I fake things in bed.

Even if I could fool the world with an Oscar-worthy performance, I have other questions regarding my mother’s advice. Am I supposed to interpret the “day” literally? Should I be smiling at precisely 12:00 AM?

This is a problem. Most midnights, I’m not even asleep yet. To follow the rules, I’d have to smile before I go to sleep. I would no longer be starting my day in the morning, but rather; I’d be starting my day in the middle of the previous night. I’d be starting my day on the previous day before the previous day was even over. Bedtime would be my morning. None of this makes any damn sense.

And what if I am asleep at midnight? Unless I develop a habit of sleep-smiling, there’s no hope for me. I’d have to find a way to hold my smile all night.

Maybe I could duct tape my lips. Maybe I could get Botox injections. Maybe I could hire a magical gnome that watches me in my sleep and touches my face when the time is right.

Bah, I give up. I’m not going to smile. Smiling is overrated. Who cares? And it’s not like this is the first time I haven’t listened to my mother… I have “whipped cream” stained sheets to prove it.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? If I don’t smile, there won’t be consequences. Well, at least I don’t think so. Unless this is one of those stupid superstition things. What if it’s like seeing a black cat, walking under a ladder, or breaking a mirror with your ugly face?

If I don’t start my day with a smile, will I have bad luck? Will I get hurt? Will I fall out of a window? Will I crap my pants?

This is more serious than I thought. I’m going to start every day with a diaper.

147 Responses

  1. Nnie says:

    First comment 😀
    Not much, just chatting with my friends~

    That's what my Mom used to say to because everyday my mouth frowning and such. She gave me 3-minutes-lecture today about that.

  2. Lani says:

    Yeah diaper would probably be a good idea.
    And yes… as a matter of fact you caught me on a good day lol.

  3. Nnie says:

    Yeah…or no. Umm I don't know. Maybe just when I'm in my home. My relationship with my family isn't really good. Lol

  4. Liz says:

    lol =O smile!! ;D

  5. Jay says:

    I wake up everyday with a headache and a "why the hell didn't i sleep longer' expression. My days don't start when a day start, unless it's a school day my day starts at lunch time… It's quite impossible and why would I smile when there is no need for one. If that be the case, I'd be best friends with the Joker. Then just maybe I could ask "Why So Serious"

    Seeing as how much work that would take, I think starting the day off with a diaper, or maybe even toilet paper is FTW!

    Reply to your comment: I stayed because I was sick.. then got better. xD I did have fun and umm, I went back on the 8th.. (x

  6. Mary says:

    -burps louder- haha. i'm annoyed how about you?? BTW my birthday is in a month if you want to make me something 😉

  7. Carla says:

    Well Luigi… lol I tend to start my day with my mouth just hanging open, I wonder what that means for my day? You never know, some days you may unknowingly start your day with a smile while you're dreaming. But then again… I think mom's only say that so they don't have to see the grumpy 'why-did-you-wake-me-up' look on their kids faces.

  8. Nnie says:

    Well my parents didn't care about me, they don't care about me and they banned me from computer several months ago, they love my little stupid sister more than me and such. They don't understand me and they don't want to 🙁

  9. Nnie says:

    I don't know ugh yeah that sucks. But I keep playing in my computer even my parents see me, they're too tired to scolded me and such so finally they let me 😀 but I rarely talked to them.

  10. Esme says:

    wow i never thought of that before, my parents told me that i should start everyday with a smile too

  11. Monica says:

    Well..on holidays atm so I'm up at 12 xD
    But I can't do it. I've tried to but I end up groaning and going back to sleep.

    Yesh…krump is quite interesting 😛
    Do you have one of those funny names?
    xD Well my older brother is "Baby Shutdown" he's had stuff like J Tank, baby cruz and stuff like that xD

  12. Sarah says:

    Good thanks 🙂 What about you? My mum says start each day with a smile as well. Gar. Good luck with the diapers! 😛

  13. Vicky says:

    Aww, your sweet 😀 haha.

    Im the worst person to talk to in the morning. I either ignore you, or snap at you. Im always wake up in a bad mood lmao, especially if someone wakes me up. I dunno how people can be so happy in the morning :|

  14. Nnie says:

    Umm i'm twelve right now 🙂

  15. Alexandra says:

    No need for a gnome, use your cat!

  16. Monica says:

    lol…Don't worry I'm not one of those people who are truly infatuated with the fictional guy though I wish there were more guys with a gentle man ish personality lol… Sorry I like the book very much xD
    Very old fashioned…

    Ooooh the Wayside books 😀

    LOl yehh the names get quite ridiculous…names like- Tighteyez or something xD

  17. Mary says:

    WOW what date is yours??

  18. Viki says:

    Yes starting everyday with a smile is so hard.
    but even when you feel so bad inside it's so hard to smile, well except for when you're laughing.
    So do I, no jokes; frowning position + drool, it's kind of nasty.
    JEESH that might be hard, exactly 12:00 am in your time zone you need to smile, or shalt be struck my lightening bolts D:
    I don't get that last part xD
    that you're goign to start everyday with a diaper. 😛

    ahha that's such a guy thing.
    maybe she is bipolar
    that might explain a lot.
    haha yeah, I just think she generally hates me.
    which is cool with me, you don't have to pretend to be my friend.
    just leave me alone, you know?

  19. nnie says:

    Anyway what time is it there?

  20. Fia says:

    I guess it's impossible for me to start the day with a smile. I'm usually grumpy every morning when I just woke up. xD

    Reply to your comment: Hahaha. You must be really bored huh? 😀 I'm fine. And you? Is boredom killing you? lol xD

  21. Mallika says:

    thanks 🙂
    lol..i can never start my day with a smile , I am always grumpy in the moring…hehe
    btw I love your site very cute and funny 🙂 lol

  22. Mary says:

    A bit you mean a lot your such a lier you said a month. I'm ashamed of your behavior! LOL kidding

  23. Chrys says:

    HAHAHHAHAHA. I love the gnome that would "touch my face when the time was right". You're probably the only person in the history of mankind to invent a situation in which a gnone touching your face is considered the "right time". Funny, funny.

    You know it's funny how you said "-burp-" because can you actually make yourself burp whenever you want? I had this conversation with a friend the other day who was attempting to burp the alphabet… It's impossible for me. Physically impossible to make myself burp. Hmph. Or maybe I just need lessons :S


    I'm alright. I think my exams went rather… Badly. Well, not badly… Just not very well. If you know what I mean 😉 I could have done wayyyyy better, but that IS to be expected.

    How would you start every day with a diaper? Same problem. You'd have to put it o at exactly 12:00 and then if you were a second early/late the God of Poop would smite you. Hmm. I'd rather get smote (?) by the God of Happiness.

    Then again, I'm an atheist, so all is good.

    Woah… Long comment. hahaha.

  24. Willian says:

    I really try to follow it "start everyday with a smile", but I don't know what happens, it just doesn't work for me. I can't wake up smiling, I wake up with a frown and mute all the time, then I get happy and talkative. I'll start trying again, I hope it works ;D

  25. Amy says:

    Yeah, if she thought I was suicidal the least she could do was stop glaring at me. Haha.

    I start most days by sleeping too. My sister smiles when she's asleep though and it's actually quite creepy. It makes her look as if she's laughing at me in her sleep.

  26. Chelley says:

    haha oh justin. where do you get these ideas for these posts? do you just sit in your bedroom and think of the craziest shit? either way.. it's good stuff. it always makes me laugh.

    i could buy a gnome that would watch me sleep and touch my face when the time was right"

    hahah. priceless. xD

  27. Sandra says:

    It would be impossible for me to start my day with a smile. I'm too morning tired. I know! I could have a leprechaun next to my bed s it's the first thing I see in the morning. Those things always makes me laugh.
    But you are a funny guy. It was a pleasure reading this. Thanks. I needed someting fun as a break from writing my essay.

  28. Jhase says:

    I'm better. My ear is throbbing because I'm working on murdering the infection. But overall, I'm doing much better.

    Ha, my teachers use to always say that. I use to always laugh at that too. Who the hell wakes up smiling? You have to get up early, you're allowed to be grumpy looking. It's impossible, you know unless you had a great night before or got laid finally after like such an amount of years or months.

  29. Kaylee says:

    Starting the day with a diaper sounds like a better idea; then you are free to laugh (which is even better than smiling) without worrying about getting your pants wet.

  30. Stace says:

    Yeah I know, it's well sad! I like Will Smith in another film, cant remember what it's called now though haha!

    LOL love your website, the kid on your layout reminds me of my brother when he was a baby rofl

    I never wake up smiling! I wake up wanting to cry cos I want to go back to sleep in the mornings!!


  31. Viki says:

    add my linkage Justin :k
    haha yes very fun right?
    i mean and the chat speak is like BONUS.

  32. Evtiff says:

    i wonder if i smile. lol i doubt it, the first thing i think about is what im wearing for school lol. and i think you should totally duck tap ur lips. jk
    anyway is being a soap opera bad? haha anyway a lot of people like helpign with advice ahha give their two sense, so i thought it would be good=]

  33. Waldii says:

    No way. You have never heard of a flying cruton? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!
    You should know. Everyone knows. *Sniffles.*


  34. Emme says:

    ha yeah. You put the smilies in the data folder ^^
    and thanks. Ha, FTP is KILLING ME. It truely ticks me off.
    && I really like your name. ipeedalittle. Wow that is great 😀

  35. Minteh says:

    Okay…this blog confused me. XD

  36. Jill says:

    HAHA, I doubt that, but thanks. It was kind of annoying to not get replies lol.

    Corny moment: Start everyday with a stretch and a yawn. Embrace the world and breathe it in.

  37. Stephine says:

    Haha, maybe that's why we all have such a bad day – 'cause we don't all smile at 12:00am 🙂

  38. Emme says:

    lol yeah it is ^^

  39. Emme says:

    Well thank you ^^. Ha I like your layout too. It's very awesome.
    gah. the comment box does that to me all the time -.-…grr I hate it

  40. Evtiff says:

    haha thats good=] i always wanted like a youtube video thingy, like my own show, but idk if i could handle it. haha i'll prob. be like.. uhh what do i talk about now. haha

  41. Viki says:

    oh yes yes,
    didn't you get my email D:
    maybe i've been junked or something,
    even on my friend's site my comments all come up a spam.
    i mean, stupid wordpress :k
    i dont SPAM. much. 😀

  42. Minteh says:

    D: The internet ish being funky/poofy.
    XD I mean on the comment form, it asks for name, url, then message.
    On the chatbox thing, it asks for MESSAGE, url, then name.
    I thought the chatbox fields were like the comment one and apparently my "name" was too long.

  43. Viki says:

    haha, quarantined, sounds, exciting.
    haha yes, just something goes wrong 😛
    alright sounds fun and exciting (:

  44. Emme says:

    yeah, 'cause my comment box is so mean like that. It has a mind of its own.
    gah, it won't let me change the size -.-

  45. Viki says:

    haha yeah!
    every time i get a different site mail someone always signs me up for spam.
    it's not even like buy this product spam, it's like.
    N4K3D C3L3Br3TY CL1CK H3R3

  46. Jill says:

    Haha, a little corniness never hurt anybody.. that you can prove. lol

  47. Emme says:

    lol ya! A game.

  48. Stephine says:

    Awh, thank you 🙂 It makes me happy that you like it.

  49. Evtiff says:

    Btw i added you as an affie=] haha i sent u the e-mail earlier, just in case you didnt know it was me. and YEA that would be awesome, i would watch your show. haha With your blogs, you seem very opinionated, and prob. could get me to laugh more. If we knew each other in real life, i would definitely suggest we do a show together lmfao

  50. nnie says:

    It's 10:48 in the morning here 😀
    I won't do the math because I hate math and I'm suck at Math. Lol.

  51. Mizzy says:

    I start my days with diapers. Cheers! XD

  52. Stephine says:

    Thanks :]
    I've just always had trouble with my weight bothering me (although I, myself, have never had an eating disorder), and I have a friend who has anorexia, I love giving advice in general, but the feeling of helping someone recover is just amazing.

  53. Nnie says:

    Lol. I live in Asia and I guess…you live in America?

  54. lillie says:

    harhar i read your blog this time 😀
    i frown too because i am still grumpy :X

    did i throw you off? 🙂

  55. Stephine says:

    I have had one before, on myspace, and it was just too slow. I have (or had) a section on my site, but again it was dead.

  56. nnie says:

    Yeah, CURVES. I never heard BlackBerry type Curves. I just know Storm and Bold…oh well.

    But she spoke Indonesian 😀 you can speak Indonesian? Lol I just translated the conv. to English. haha

  57. nnie says:

    Lol haha -__- okay I'll stop it now.

  58. Stephine says:

    IT IS?! Haha.

    And that's a good idea, teaming up with other people. Maybe once I get my hosting site up, I'll open one up 🙂

  59. Nnie says:

    Oh-kay soooo let's talk about other things~
    Random questions:

    1) Hello!
    2) How are you?
    3) Who's your celebrity crush?

  60. Stephine says:

    That'd be cool, but I would want someone very commited. Because I'll probably have more than a "advice site with emails". I'll probably have texting help and etc.

  61. MORPHIUS says:

    i make lots of people excited o.o"

  62. Minteh says:

    :0 What are you implying?

    Nothing's been going on. And that's the GREATNESS of it. 8D (No work…right now. Other than for the site. XD)

  63. Nnie says:

    I'm good, a bit bored, replying comments and updates! YAY .

    my celebrity crush:
    1) Robert Pattinson for sure
    2) William Beckett from The Academy Is…
    3) kimi Raikkonen F1 Racer 😀 Aha

  64. Minteh says:

    Haha, I made it months ago… just never got around to putting it up.

    And what is THAT supposed to mean? :V <–alligator of doom.


  65. Andrea says:

    My mom always said the same thing..haha. I am pretty sure that your drool frown WILL cause you to poop yourself, so here's to hoping that diaper thing works out!! 🙂

  66. Nnie says:

    Hahaha oh robertpattinson.edward cullen -__-

  67. Shellz says:

    Every morning I'm pretty much frowning unless I hear something funny or someone makes me laugh. I'm usually unconsciously smiling when I'm talking to people to, lol. But just normally, I don't smile. People used to ask me "why do you smile so much?" and I thought it was a bad thing, but now people are like "SMILE!!!!1" so IDK what to do, lmao. I think now I'm just normal because people don't say it anymore. xp

  68. nnie says:

    Anyway you live in America right? What time is it there? I want to call my friend in America (emm I'm not sure how my Mom will explain it later) but I don't want to call her in the wrong time lol.

  69. Shellz says:

    LoL, I hear that a lot to. XD

  70. nnie says:

    so I have to call her at 3 a.m so she received the call in 3 p.m.

  71. nie says:

    Well I guess I should do that. Unfortunately she doesn't have any social networking profiles or instant messenger accounts :/

  72. Stace says:

    LOL i like to spoil him 🙂


  73. Sophie says:

    Lol, thank you 🙂

  74. Nnie says:

    I;ll ask her to make one xD
    Anyway do you have facebook? Won't you mind if I add your facebook~ I usually add my online friend's facebook.

  75. Samantha says:

    diapers! i need more diapers!

  76. Nnie says:

    Okayyy I've added you 😀

  77. Nnie says:

    Oh and btw ignore my last name.

  78. Gel says:

    Another interesting post from you! Haha yeah my mouth's usually in a frowning position as well. I'm not as jolly as my mom hahaha!

  79. Stace says:

    The cage was like…£50, the hamster was £5, then it's just stuff like it's toys, food bowl, food, bedding, carefresh, etc haha

  80. Viki says:

    hmmm, lets see,
    no, because I've tried it too.
    I was like what is this rubbish!
    curiousity 😛

  81. Nnie says:

    I mean, ignore my last name in Facebook, it's not my real name I steal F1 Racer's last name . well never mind ;D

    Aha I think I should call my friend now 😀

  82. Stace says:

    erm…just the one?

  83. Nnie says:

    srsly!? UGH.
    i'll try tomorrow…..

  84. Stace says:

    Okay thanks 🙂

  85. Ben says:

    OHAI. 😀

    I never smile when first wake up. I have a face which is kinda ;0+:/ if you get what I mean. I hope there is not consequences *hides*

  86. Nnie says:

    But I have to be polite to her, even if she wouldn't mind if I being rude to her lol~

  87. Nnie says:

    Thanks but I'm not, nobody is perfect right. Sometimes I have problem with my friends too…sometimes I can't handle it :/ and sometimes I don't know what they're want–and sometimes they can be really hypocrite.

    Oh there are four "sometimes" in my comment lol xD

  88. Gillian says:

    Hey Justin!
    Gawsh im so sorry i havent replied in ages.
    I dont know what happened, my life got like hit by a tornado. Lol. Im still trying to sort things outt, but im doing pretty well .. bad right now. How are youu ?

  89. Viki says:

    oh haha, yeah.
    oh yes, that's why you need some sort of captacha 😛
    I hate spam especially on cutenews.
    most annoying thing ever.
    trying to delete everything and then it just comes back.
    yeah not cool -.-'
    ohh this is cool.
    is this like a new section of the site?
    gallimaufry 😛
    this is cool 😛
    oh so pink xxD

  90. Ariel says:

    Lmao, you're funny…

  91. Vicky says:

    Lmao yeah, I'm well moody when I wake up XD It's bad…

  92. Gillian says:

    Whoa so i love the new layout. Freeken awesome, colors and everything.
    Awe i missed you too ! Hoping that things will get back to normal soon which im postive they will 😀
    Its definetely hard to get through a day with a constant smile .. no matter how emo that may sound.

  93. Nnie says:

    Sometimes it seems like they forced me to be perfect…

  94. Vicky says:

    Lol, yeah I guess. But I snap at everyone :| My mum knows not to talk to me first thing haha

  95. Nnie says:

    Sometimes, I use "Sometimes" a lot.

  96. Gillian says:

    Lmao whoaaa. Now im just confused. Cause i was thinking .. hey this is a diff url .. so he got a new site ? But he never said anything about that .. so i think its just a new layout . And now its back to normal !
    Anyways aweh , yeah i hope so too ! Thanks. 🙂

  97. Vicky says:

    lmao no way! I might get my sister to film me or something and post it in a blog, but deff not youtube haha.

    You have a good weekend anyway?

  98. Nnie says:

    Sometimes I laughing without any reasons.

  99. Gillian says:

    Yeah omg that sounds like an amazing idea. i think you should go ahaad with it ! 🙂 Well you kinda already have haha.
    Cant wait for the content, bet it'll be awesome!

  100. Jill says:

    Damn..guess I lose. lol

  101. Kari says:

    Haha, lmao. That was a funny blog. Maybe your mom just means, wake up every day happily. Don't be like, ew why am I awake?!

    I've woken up with a smile a few times..well not 12 am but you know. It's weird, but it really does improve my day.

  102. Minteh says:

    Everyone sees the doomness!

  103. mandie says:

    yes, I love being back in school. =]
    and thank you I am very glad to be back!

    when I first went on your site, it caught me off guard a little because it was called "i peed a little" but after that I thought it was funny. and your layout is awesome!

    and Im not really sure if you could take what your mom said seriously, cause that would be pretty hard to smile while your asleep… well, atleast if your dreaming about something really really good ;]

  104. Kat says:

    Ahaha, you're a hoot (whoa… that sounded better in my head xD)… in human words you're funny.

    I don't think I've ever woken up with a smile, I always look as if I have a fat-lip and I've been throwing-up all night… But I should give it a go, although I have a feeling as soon as I step foot on my uni campus it'll be a major frown again.

    The diaper idea is brilliant

  105. Dylan says:

    Nevermind. I like yer content site.

  106. Robmarie says:

    I want a gnome to hold my smile in place while I fall asleep while simultaneously playing melodious tune in his leaf flute!

  107. Vicky says:

    lmfao bless!

    ah damn, i thought it was Sunday for some reason 🙁 Everydays the same to me you see.

  108. Kirsty says:

    Lmao thanks!
    Although, it is probably better just to break my knees anyway because I am a really bad driver at the moment, and that is without the snow!

    But yeah, in the end the snow had gone for my lesson, so atleast I wasn't sliding all over the place!

    I don't get how anyone can wake up with a smile and that is because no one wants to wake up just to go to school/work right?!
    Well you MIGHT wake up with a smile if you had a good dream, and you actually got to the end of the dream. But most times you wake up from dreams just before the best part :(.

  109. claire says:

    i love your blogs. i just have to make sure im only at home when i read them because i just crack up laughing lol.

  110. lillie says:

    maybe i will, maybe i wont ;o

  111. Gillian says:

    Yeah the cbox server, i hate them. They should really get rid of those stupid ass limits.
    And thank youu ! 🙂

  112. Gillian says:

    Ohtruuuueee. Thanks for the suggestion ill deff look into it.
    So any plans for the weekend ?

  113. hitler says:

    lol. if there was such a class, i wouldn't pass because i wouldnt do homework 😛

    idk my grades slip cuhs i can't focus in bio o_o. its like "blahblahblah sex cells divide….blahh—–" 😀

  114. Dylan says:

    I'm good. Sorry for spammin' you. ha. How about yerself?

  115. Meaghan! says:

    Nah, I don't think you did. I thought it was hilarious when he was young (but he looked old), he was playing with toy soldiers lol.

    LMFAO at the two-foot tall gnome XD

  116. Minteh says:

    …I will not sing the doom song.
    Doom, doom doom. doom doom doom XD

  117. Nnie says:

    It is not "sometimes", but it's "often" lmao.

  118. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the hug.

  119. Meaghan says:

    Haha. My friend actually thought I was conditioning my hair for those three days when I told her 😛
    Thanksss 🙂

  120. lillie says:

    no, we don't does spelling 😀

  121. Nnie says:

    Haha…I never took any English courses, and English isn't my mother tongue so…yeah. I have a poor grammar xD

  122. Minteh says:

    Oooh, new layout!

  123. Morphious says:

    nothing, justin.
    oh gosh i can't find a way to make fun of your name without it being lame o_o

  124. Nigel says:

    I wake up with more of a opened mouth expression. Not exactly a frown but not a smile either. lol.

    Its okay
    you don't have to smile
    I don't like smilers anyway.
    what is there to smile about???

  125. Meaghan! says:

    So are you suggesting that my friend's suggesting that I have dry, gross hair? D:

  126. Nnnie says:

    Lol but that's the fact 😀

  127. Pocci says:

    They do? Thanks. I don't like bubblegum, I can't blow them.
    I'll add your link with the new lyt, sorry, I'm very lazy D;

    I start my days grumpy, so I can't really make it a 'smile'.

  128. Tiffany says:

    haha! I wake up looking quite stoned or drunk. XD And with a 'little' bit of PMS.
    Maybe you could tattoo your face with a smile? Or get a 'The Joker' styled smile? XD

  129. Nnie says:

    Eh. What time is it there? I should call my friend…~

  130. Dnyla says:

    That sucks. We started last monday. I got all A's on every test/quiz i took. I think we have exams this week. 🙁

  131. Jill says:

    Aw fanks *big doofus smile*

  132. Gillian says:

    Omg that suuuccks !
    What classes you taking ?

  133. Vicky says:

    Yeah, I do too 🙂

  134. Cecelia says:

    I always thought that it just meant that the first thing I should do when I woke up was to feel in a good mood – but I can see I was wrong. I guess it starts from 12AM – which makes the taping of the mouth a really good idea.

    Starting each day with a diaper sounds awesome too.

  135. Gillian says:

    Aww truue!
    Your classes sound so much better than mine Geez.
    I hate school cause its so amazingly boring atm.

  136. Lani says:

    Haha probably, although I am found to be considerably less not-very-nice on the internets

  137. Eunice says:

    Amazing blog entry. xD
    I think you should use the garden gnome method, because I think it's most effective for smiling the whole day.
    But then you have to make sure that he touches your face to smile at exactly 12:00AM.
    Good plan good plan.

  138. Saddam says:

    the sandman 😮

  139. Alicia says:

    I'm so terrible with my late reply! *smacks hand with ruler* there.

    LOL my mom says that too. I never do. I wake up angry because I wake up… if that makes sense. haha. I enjoy sleep. School ruins my day. It's why I don't wake up with a smile most days.

    lolololol don't buy a gnome. You wouldn't be able to sleep with that creepy thing watching you. Leave the gnome in the front lawn. (: or drop it out the window…. of a 10 story building. All better.

    What you should do is… place a happy picture in front of your bed and when you wake up it'll be the first thing you see and BAM!!instant smile. Or maybe a cupcake or something.

  140. tiaralynn says:

    for the past few days i've woken up sick.
    </3 otherwise, I wake up surprised and weird.

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