This Story is Explosive – Justin Hanks

This Story is Explosive

Justin Hanks

Let’s do a thought experiment. Imagine it’s a beautiful Saturday morning. You just woke up and hopped out of bed. You’re a little groggy, but since you got to sleep in, you’re generally feeling fantastic. You slide on your Hello Kitty slippers, swallow your pride, and exit the bedroom.

You make your way to the kitchen for breakfast; humming an obnoxious little tune. Grabbing a box of cereal, you sing to yourself, “Oppa Gangnam Style.” You take a seat at the table and realize you have nothing to read. Remembering that the local newspaper is waiting for you on your doorstep, you jump up and journey to the front door. You venture into the driveway, and to your surprise, you notice two pipe bombs in the front lawn. What do you do?

No matter what you say, I guarantee it’s more sensible than what actually happened. Yup, this actually happened to somebody (sans the Psy soundtrack). In Hempstead, New York, a bus driver faced this exact same dilemma and made the absolute worst decision possible. Instead of waiting for help, she chose to personally deliver the bombs to police.

Sources say the woman wrapped the devices in blankets, tossed them in her empty school bus, and headed to the nearest police station. Along the way, she contacted authorities via cellphone and shouted, “I have a school bus filled with explosives!”

I couldn’t make this up. I don’t know about you, but I feel bad for the people around her. She put their lives in danger. I would never do anything so reckless to my neighbors. I’d cry with guilt for a month if I merely toilet-papered someone’s house.

I wonder if that bus driver knows how stupid she is? I mean, do idiots have the brain capacity to recognize that they don’t have the brain capacity?

I guarantee this isn’t the first stupid thing she’s done. Surely there were signs. I bet she doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.” I bet she types everything in Caps Lock. I bet she likes an Adam Sandler movie from the past five years.

Somebody probably put those pipe bombs on her lawn to kill her and make the world a better place.

I admire her bravery, though. If I were eye-to-eye with a deadly explosive, I’d scream at the top of my lungs, dive in the opposite direction, and hide under a car or something. I wouldn’t try to wrap the bomb in a warm fleece blanket.

She basically tucked it in like a baby. Was she trying to adopt it? Did she think she could prevent it from igniting if it took a little nappy-poo?

Honestly, if she can’t tell the difference between a child and a bomb, should she really be trusted with an entire school bus full of children? I mean, she was five minutes away from putting a diaper on it. And hell, a diaper might have made more sense. At least diapers can handle some types of explosions.

Regardless of her insane actions, the woman was not arrested. They let her slide because she had good intentions. She did, however, lose her job. Although she is probably devastated, she shouldn’t be. She has other employment opportunities on the way…

Trust me. Next year you will see her on the big screen with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock; trying to keep their bus above 50 miles per hour.

118 Responses

  1. Stephine says:

    WOW, you're back! Where'd you go?

    I'm going to find a different medicine for sure, if I take any, which I'll probably have to because my anxiety & stuff is really bad. And I want my weight to go back down so bad.

    Oh my, that woman is dumb, haha. Who picks up bombs? FOR REAL! Lol. I think it's good that she lost her job, they obviously thought that she was dumb as well, lol.

  2. Clarisse says:

    Haha, thanks 😛 Yours looks nice too.

    Wow, that's stupid, but it does remind me of Speed, lol

  3. Chiui says:

    that woman was so cute. hahahh.. i wonder what's in head..
    dad and i are also wondering bout that..if stupid people know theyre stupid. my dad and i always wonder together. lol.
    *i enjoyed reading your 'about menace page'. YAY!

  4. Georgina says:

    Hahaha. That woman was pretty dumb to even touch it. I would call the police straight away. Even though I don't know what a bomb looks like XD That was such a dangerous thing to do though U_U

    I love that movie! XD

    Oh haha, I think my friend must have yanked the plug pretty damn hard… XD

  5. Georgina says:

    No, no I mean she broke the fuse when she yanked the cord out with her foot. XD XD

  6. hannah says:

    wow that's woman's crazy. haha :)) i guess stupid people do not know that they're stupid. haha 😀

  7. Gillan says:

    I agree do stupid people known they're stupid?

    And thanks for your comment 😉
    I forgot those chips(for good =P)
    And now she's not making us eat chips anymore,'cause it's "salty" and we might be sick from eating "slaty" junk foods =P

  8. Nnie says:

    yay! glad to know you're back now. would you like to still be affiliates? sorry I deleted your link coz you were inactive. but I'd like to put you back..:)

  9. Chiui says:

    thanks! followed you too. haha. yay for google lovers! (?) it's chi-wee btw. haha

  10. Kaye says:

    thanks! but sadly i dont know how to make fonts so.. yeah. no chance. thanks for the drop though 🙂

  11. Lee says:

    Don't worry, I'm only referring to the awful hackers. xD
    By the way, I love that Womanizer video!

  12. Georgina says:

    Heh, heh *still laughing* :3

    It's alright. We're all dumb sometimes anyhoo~ 🙂

  13. Sandra says:

    This is what happens when you don't let natural selection take it's course. I bet this dumbass was supposed to die young so she couldn't give birth to more idiots, but was saved by the medical miracle.

  14. Georgina says:

    Haha thanks for asking! People do ask that but no, they're not mine. I was walking with my boyfriend in the city sort of near a park, and this lady was waiting outside with her cute little pups. She didn't mind us taking a photo 😀

  15. Lee says:

    Yes, and I saw ALL the videos. They're really good! 😀

  16. Georgina says:

    Hahha I know! They really are adorable 🙂 I don't think she knows though xDDD.

  17. Gillan says:

    Yes,our Summer vacation is from the 3rd week of March until May,then our school starts in June 🙂
    Lol,i really hope not,or else i'll curse every bug that attacks me xD

  18. Jessi says:

    like your site(: and thanks i may not close xD

  19. Swetlana says:

    Hey Justin!

    First off all, I would like thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to leave a comment!

    I am glad you liked the review! Vicky and her site are really great and I love them.

    Oh wow.. this woman is really dumb… glad she doesn't have her job anymore.. she would be a danger for everyone around her..

  20. Emma says:

    Heyy, thanks for leaving a comment on my site. Your layout is really nice too. 🙂 Nice site!!

  21. carissa says:

    lol some people don't think…I'll admit that I am one of them sometimes but I'd never think of putting bombs wrapped in a blanket then drive them to the police.

  22. Julia says:

    Thank you for the comment ;p
    And yeah, a white screen is a good sign. I got my new simcard and now my sidekick 3 works perfectly!
    – How are you? 😉

  23. Shakima says:

    Its funny that you'd say I should have dated leroy because Leroy wad trying to get with me that same night before the puppeting thing occured ha ha.

    You are a really funny person.
    I read your blog and I was dying laughing.
    That is completely true though.
    How do you contain a bomb in a blanket.
    I canot even contain my brother urin in a blanket when he accidently wets the bed.

    Oh wow what if children were on that bus!!
    If only someone was there to think for that lady.
    Shaking my head.
    Interesting thing to talk about though.

    -Kima F.

  24. Sky says:

    Oh my gosh! Are you serious? Where did you find it? I'm so jealous! 🙂 I've been wanting web premium forever 😛

    This is kind of ironic that you found my site though 😛 It's Sarah from We used to be affies 🙂 I moved and changed names because some bums from school found my site. Wanna still be affies? 😀

    Oh my gosh. that lady is such an idiot! I really hate stupid people somtimes.. I mean.. grow a brain! Gosh 😛

    Haha, I love snuggies! I'm getting one for my brother as a funny graduation present! 🙂


  25. Shur says:

    Thanks! Woo I haven't been to your site for a while haha

  26. Marianne says:

    Thank you for your visit, comment & compliment. The trick to making a picture in Paint? Simple… you just need a little patience and a little practice. 😛

    Wrapping a bomb in a blanket? Uh, no thanks.
    And saying "I have a school bus filled with explosives!", not very clever.

  27. Holly says:

    thanks for visiting my site. Your websites awesome x
    I got my first A on Heath Ledger in an English exam where we had to write about someone we admired.

  28. Justin R. says:

    Kudos on the Speed pun. 😛

  29. Fia says:

    Hey! You're finally back! 🙂 And with another funny story too. XD I don't know whether to laugh at the hilarity of the situation or pity the woman for her stupidity.. She must have given a lot of people quite a scare… LOL

  30. Jo says:

    Hahaa, yes, eating chocolate is ALWAYS a good excuse 😀

    Thank youuu! Ahaa, I used a good old gradient-overlay-type-thing in Photoshop XD YAY.

    GAHHH, what sort of loon wraps a bomb in a blanket and delivers them to the police?!? Haha, yeahh do stupid people actually know they're stupid? Or are they so stupid that they don't? Hmmm 😀

  31. Angelica says:

    Haha omg that's so stupid it's hilarous! If I found a bomb outside my house I'd run to the police station (the police station is in the house next to mine) as fast as I could – away from the bomb!

  32. Katie says:

    totally wrote this all out and then firefox crapped out on me! so heres a shorter version cos i've gotta go out!!

    that womans freaking crazy! seriously, aha! i'm surprised she didn't get arrested!

    Oh and I totally got thoses shoes so that I wouldn't fall down them :P! I totally can't walk at all x]! I always trip up!
    And 'MK' stands for 'Milton Keynes' where I live (:

  33. milu says:

    U are rigth some people doesnt have brain… ><

    Thanks for ur comment ^^ maybe we can exchange links ?? ^^

    see u 🙂

  34. Chiui says:

    hah! i wonder how you actually read my name. :p

  35. Jannah says:

    hey Justin! Thanks. 😀 You're layout is interesting. 😀 Nice colours. 😀

  36. kibumie says:

    thanks for leaving a comment ^^ I did my best with that deadpool artwork 😀 very interesting blog post 😀
    take care~

  37. Kat says:

    hi thanks for the comment thankyou i'm feeling much better now and thankyou 😀
    you have an awesome site btw
    wanna be affies 🙂

  38. Swetlana says:

    Hey =)

    What do you mean with "How’s the twitter configuration coming?" You confused me a little bit 😀

    Tell me your TWitter username and I'll add you =)


  39. Swetlana says:


    I decided to keep my tweets private so it's impossible to view them on my sidebar. I should remove that from my sidebar.

    Kay, I am going to add you now 😀

  40. Cat says:

    haha, wow, that woman is lacking some common sense. Something is wrong when the first thought in your mind after seeing a bomb is: let's wrap it in a blanket! I definitely wouldn't have touched them or tried to travel with them. Funny story though!

  41. Julia says:

    I'm fine, haha xD

  42. Gillian says:

    Oh em gee, it's been awhile. 🙂
    Lmfao yeah I meant your drivers license.
    Whoa, I wasn't planning on asking but that's good to know anyways lmao.

    WOW. I thought I was stupid. But to transport a bus full of explosives? Yeah.. uh.. I don't even know what to say.

  43. Julia says:

    Yeah, right? xD haha.
    Uhm, I'm just watching Desperate Housewifes in TV. I Really love to see it! ^__^

  44. Swetlana says:

    Which suspense? Ha, I am confused.. damn xD

  45. Kat says:

    lol i know I hate speaking especially in another language I don't know maybe I'm scared that they'll laugh at me I think it's a subconscious thing. I'm so glad I don't have to do french again after my exams it's too much work lol

    thankyou and sure thing *goes to fill out form now :)*

  46. Marianne says:

    Natural talent, sure I think so. But also interest/love for drawing must be there. Like, everyone has to start somewhere, and you could take a few courses/teach yourself on how to draw, and improve over time.
    I've always been drawing, and just developed my style over time. Still developing though, and still improving, too. It's fun~

  47. Ivy says:

    lol you are funny and so is your post.i could find swine flu in my bed the next daaay!! ahhhs take care!!

    omgoodness! i have yet ANOTHER stalkerr!! ahahahsss! 🙂 its alright with me. i'll figure your twitter out and follow it too 🙂 hehes 🙂

  48. Stephine says:

    Before I forget, I'd love to be affiliates, again, with you. I just took you off 'cause I didn't think you were coming back *tear* Yes?

    Yay, you're following me (: Twitter is down right now, so when it comes back I'll try to remember to follow you.

    Thank you (: My layouts have been getting better so it's probably a good thing that you only got to see the one previous to the new one, haha.

    WOAH. You had lots of things going on. I guess you did need the break, haha. I think my site has pulled me through everything that's been going on with me, so I guess we all do things differently.

  49. Lauren says:

    lol, that's funny 😀
    I used to be obsessed with them last year. Now I don't really like they're singing, but the songs are OK.

    Hempstead? I live near there, lol. I didn't hear about that.

  50. Brandon says:

    it is a pretty awesome show, you should watch it 😛

  51. Gillian says:

    Aweh, missed you too!
    What have you been up to lately?

  52. Noe says:

    hahahaha 😀 i love your layout!!!!omg it made me laugh SO MUCH! huhu.
    is this woman STUPID? ugh. i hate this type of people, they think that putting a bomb in a bus is the best way to discuss something. OMG. and I don't think she has the brain to think "oh i am stupid :D". we should give her a brain training but for starters 😉
    ne-yo is the best. there's anything more to say 😉 i am addicted to mad and come closer!
    i am going to wet my pants now haha omg your site is SO funny i love it 😀

  53. Gillian says:

    Dayum. Yeah that sounds really stressful.
    Omg you're already on summer vacation?! LUCKY.

    I haven't been up to much, just the boring high school life? Haha. Guess I should consider myself lucky, since I'm not as stressed as you were.. yet. D:
    But my exams come up next month.

  54. Noe says:

    REALLY?!?!?!?! woooo 😀 yeah, i am in a hip hop class and we dance popping and things like michael jackson moves .. it's pretty cool 🙂 well, i LOVE dancing that kind of style! and what do you dance? i mean, what songs 😀 ?

  55. Brandon says:

    Yeah, I love going into details ;p

  56. Gillian says:

    After exams is summer, YUS. 🙂
    And then Grade 11..
    I'm taking biology, physics, chemistry, financial accounting, science, math, religion and some business course I think.
    Kinda stupid cause financial account is math.. and bio physics and chem are science, -.-

  57. Lenna says:

    Ha! Thanks for the comment and following me on Twitter. You little creeper. lol, i kid, i kid. xP

  58. Anna says:

    Haha I know, right?
    I like your site the name is cute (:

  59. Stephine says:

    Sent the form (:

  60. Bonnie says:

    aww crazy women. good thing she wasnt arrested. sad that she lost her job. not her fault she couldnt spend the 1 second to think D; she was probably scared. poor judgement too ahah. oh well D;

  61. Gillian says:

    The four math classes you're taking are probably on 4 different areas of math.
    But mine we'll be doing the same thing.
    For example the units in my science class would be biology physics and chemistry plus i'm taking those classes separately so I'm kind of learning the same thing over.

  62. Bonnie says:

    OMG HAHA. great video ! i looooveeee the beginning and listened from beginning to end 😛 you should be next youtube celebrity ahahah

  63. Gillian says:

    Cause the chemistry UNIT in my science course would be covering the same content as my chemistry course. (:

  64. Jill says:

    Ah you're back!
    Yes, some people's level of stupidity is unbelievable.
    Bamboozle is like a musical..festival? It's this thing in NJ where all these different bands and people come to perform for a couple days. There are multiple stages, and lots of booths selling random stuff. Very cool. 🙂

  65. Jen says:

    Hey Justin! Thanks for the comment. I love your site. LOL Like the name. Oh Nate is 12 just like me lol. But he is immature and Rochelle weighs like a fat man.

  66. Georgina says:

    Hahahah. NO. But next time I have a domain competition you can enter!

    I thought the video was pretty funny 😀 ah well, I was only a kid then; guess I felt pretty sorry for the cat too hahahha.

    No probs! I did a random number generator and it said 63; you were the 63rd comment. xD

  67. Shur says:

    Oh you haven't, naughty 😛

  68. Sofia says:

    hey thanks for commenting^^ nice site 😀

  69. Andrea says:

    Justin, where have you been all my life?! I've missed you!! 🙂 I'm glad to hear you're not pregnant either, I mighta lost my marbles if you were. haha!

  70. Sue says:

    Haha heck yes, life is awesome. Minus the school and stuff like that 🙂 Yes, I will post videos after we've "performed". So all my visitors can laugh ;D! hahah.

    oh my gosh! LOL that lady. If it were me, I'd probably be all freaked out and I'd run so far away from the bomb I'd probably end up in Alaska. Hahah. D:

    Okay, I read "snuggie" and I'm thinking of that one blanket that's always being advertised on TV (x Is it that? or a completely different blanket. Hah, I don't watch TV much. D:

  71. Ariel says:

    You're finally back!!

    Ohhh and I kept your link up 🙂 So put mine back up dork 😛 lol

    And yea, prom is in 3 days too!! Then graduation in like 3 weeks. OMGOSHHHH. I'm getting old..haha

  72. Stephine says:

    Just graduating soon, that's all.

  73. Juniper says:

    Hello Justin! Thanks so much for the comment. =] Haha, it was a pretty nice Mother's Day. And yeah, blueberry waffles are pretty heavenly (especially when they are really big like this one was!). xD

    Ahaa, that's only a little creepy. ;D I guess I shall stalk you back? 8D

    Oh, and love the submit button. OD

  74. Dontravious says:

    Dang! that was pretty stupid to do that lmao that was funny thought. I guess stupid people don't have the compacity to know that they're stupid lmao 😀

    Thanks for the comment on my site 🙂

  75. Bonnie says:

    yeah i was wondering which one was you 😛

  76. AnneMarie says:

    Haha, where'd you find this story? That really is dumb. I wonder if she realized that bombs CAN EXPLODE. Haha, thanks for stopping by the site by the way. =)

  77. Rachel says:

    thanks for visiting my site =D i like ur layout especially the color combination.

  78. Kristi says:

    Somehow, I still managed to get surprised by people's stupidity. Oohhh bombs! Let's wrap them in fuzzy blankets. Maybe if I'm nice to them.. they wont esplode and keel me! *cuddles bomb*



  79. Kelsi says:

    aw thank you! its gotta look good while im doing all those boring rants, raves, and reviews now, lol. and right back at cha, your site name is hilarious! most people are so serious about their names, what fun is that tho, honestly! lol welp thanks again for visiting- don't be shy now 😀

  80. Clarisse says:

    Thanks, but I really doubt my site is whatever that word is, lol

  81. Lee says:

    I'm planning to make a blog with ALL the artwork I made, I'll let you know when I make it! By the way, you should make more videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOWWWWW >:D

  82. Cham says:

    Crazy lady..tsk!, the good thing about it is she was'nt arrested. But the sad thing is, she lost her job, so xD

  83. Mischa says:

    Thanks for visiting! Yeah it's a cup of coffee 🙂 I try to make a harder one next time. sorry for the short post this comment thing is a bit tricky…

  84. Brandon says:

    Yes it is, it's pretty awesome.
    Not scary, well maybe for you… THEY MIGHT HAVE ALIEN LEGENDS!

    Wouldn't it be scary if alien's actually attacked earth?

  85. Chrys says:

    I don't know what pipe-bombs are, but presuming I do I'd probably run down the road screaming my head off, "OUT!!! EVERYONE OUT THEIR HOUSES, PIPE BOMB IN MY GARDEN…. RUN RUN RUN!!!" Lol 😀

    -.-.- Are you SERIOUS? Okay. Well, that would probably be me going "I have a bus full of weird things I found in my front garden… Help?" Lol. But wow… That's just kinda silly.

    De-not-live-ery HAHAHAHA. Genius 😀

    Want to link exchange again? I still have your link up from before…

  86. Natasha says:

    Haha, Oh dear. That entry made me laugh.

    She was a crazy bus driver though. I mean seriously!? Tucking in a bomb. That's ridiculous. Not only she did that but she called the police saying she had explosives in her bus. They were probably thinking – terrorist, as soon as they hear that. Geez.

    People these days . .

  87. Julia says:

    Haha, that is also my favorite family ;p

  88. Manda says:

    Yay you're back! Wow that woman was stupid. Where you been hiding?

  89. Catherine says:

    Lol! Maybe she has mental problems, honestly? Lol?
    She tucked it in aswell xD!
    Some people are so crazy.

  90. Sonya says:

    Thanks C= I hate prefinals though because they're 10% of our final grade. I don't get why they grade a practice.. O_O

  91. Sage says:

    Wow. lol. That is insane. People demonstrate how stupid they are each and everyday. I'd be damned if I'd touch a bomb!

  92. Dianne says:

    That was soo jerky. HAHAHA! Made me hella laugh. But tho, it's freaky. HAHA!

  93. Anna says:

    Uh sure? LMAO

  94. Amanda says:

    aww thanks; the weather is getting better; it rained once this week so I guess that's an improvement ! xD

  95. thuyy says:

    WHATT??! i love gossip girl!
    i dunno why you think its boring…xD

  96. Katie says:

    hehe, the anti-spam code said 'twats' anywayyy. That amused me way too much!

    The talent show thing was actually really good. I knew some people doing it, and the winner sang 'Wind Beneath My Wings' by.. uh.. can't remember.

    Oh yah, my twitter. Ha! I forgot about that!


  97. Isi says:

    Wow really? because you love yourself more? haha that kinda makes sense lol wow your site has alot of stuff!!! which is awesome btw 😀
    i would probably be very very creeped out and just run faster than you can say boom
    haha where did you find the story?
    maybe she did think it would nt ignite if it took a nap XD

  98. Rochelle says:

    Good new entry.

  99. Kristina says:

    hey! thanks for the comment. wanna link ex? 🙂

  100. Kitty says:

    I'm so happy I stumbled upon this website. Your blogs make me giggle <3 I, too, moan and hump walls during thunderstorms XD

  101. Evtiff says:

    YOUR BACK?! lol and selena gomez is from wizards of wizardly place another show on the disney channel lol yea ashley has a cd coming out. I think more broadway singers should get a CD or EVEN YOU:) cause ashley tisdale sounds so bad.

    Do you want to be affies again?! i moved u to an exit page cause you had a very long hiatus lol

    and wow i think she's brave and a little stuupid. I meean bombs?! i would call the cops but not touch them. Knowing me i would press the wrong thing on them

  102. Georgina says:

    GRRR it lost my comment. Poo poo poo. Told me to type characters from the image WHICH I DID….. O.o

    Anyhoooo. Count yourself still special! I added you to my big page of links 😀

  103. Sean says:

    I totally wrote a comment on here and apparently I did something wrong. I am a genius!

    So….Boyfriend of mine…. you are beautiful. FYI. I heard this entire story in the car with you and you basically told it to me word for word. Yet I loved reading it. YAY! And I can't wait to hear more. And your songs….more songs….YAY! I can't wait!

    I love you! hehe.

  104. tiaralynn says:

    omg. lol she is a crazy bus driver. lol
    was there kids in the bus with the explosive? i hope not.
    glad she was fired though.

  105. Danielle says:

    Wahahaha…I probably won't give my life to Pet Society. xD

    When will I get the 10th story about a crazy lady? I've read about crazy ladies for a lot of times already…

  106. Meaghan! says:

    Haha, I added you on there just in case :]


    Haha, how could you forget to bring other clothes?

    w00t you're for gay marriage! 😀 i'm straight but I hate how a lot of people don't let gays get married, there's no harm in that. People are stupid these days D;

    I love how you described my wanna-be mornings. Except for the pipe bomb part xD
    Personally deliver them?! What the hell? LULZ that lady is stupid.
    Haha the swine flu 😛

  107. Cindy says:

    Yeah, it's not good! Well, he told my friends, and they were talking about it when I was sitting right there, then he half admitted he liked me.

    Well, my friend already broke up with him because of the way he always flirts with other girls.

  108. Kim says:

    lmaolmaolmao that story actually made me LOL. That lady sure sounds stupid. No wonder she grew up to be a bus driver… no… I didn't mean that… I mean… not ALL bus drivers are stupid. But yeah… you get what I mean. Answering your question about whether stupid people know that they're stupid, I bet she thought she was smart for doing that. So in this case, no.

  109. james says:

    HAhahah, wrapping them up in blankets! Amazing.
    Ahh, the things people do..

  110. Lillie says:

    ah ! JUSTINNNNNNNNN~ *tackles* hi!
    HEYHEY, Why did Cinderella get fired from Disneyland? 😀

  111. Sky says:

    Woah, that's intense. You remind me of those creepy psychic ladies who work in tents at carnivals 🙂 Except.. not so creepy, lmao.

    Oh cool! Thanks 🙂 Your link is still up on my site on the footer.

    Whats up then? 😛


  112. Noe says:

    i danced the song "forever" by chris brown too 🙂 i dance songs like the ones of kanye west,lil mama,flo-rida,t-pain…idk. many 😀 but do you dance very urban or just hip hop?! 😀

  113. Shellie says:

    LOL you are hilarious in the sarcastic way you did this blog. Yeah.. we have CRAZY morons in this world!!!

  114. Taversia says:

    LMFAO, oh my god, is this for real??? That's SO f'd up!! Wow…… Not surprised she lost her job after that stunt. I tend to wonder though what merited the placement of the pipe bombs in the first place. 😛

  115. Tin says:

    Lol, what she did was crazy. It's good that she lost her job before she could pick another bomb and toss it in a bus with people next time. XD

  116. The Bacon Kingdom says:

    da fuq bacon would've stopped it great story but whoever did it was smart if they tried to kill her!

  117. John says:

    Can someone tell me what it's about I did not read it i m not a fan of reading …….UGH READING DX

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