In Short – Justin Hanks

In Short

Justin Hanks

What’s with our passion for abbreviations? And why is “abbreviations” such a long word?

In my opinion, it’s rude to not spell out entire words. The only time I use chatspeak is when someone isn’t worth my time. For example, if I were going to write a breakup letter, it might look like this…

Sup Ex,

Yes, u hurd me… U r my ex now. We r thru. It’s ur fault. U shouldn’t have wlkD away aftr our fyt. Y did u leaV? Y did u do dis 2 me? F u reply 2 dis letta, I dnt care f u say u will BRB or BBL. The fact is dat u rly said TTFN. Omg. I m seriS. I m nt LOL… nor m I ROFL or LMAO… I m nt evn ROFLMFAO. IMO, I honestly <3’d u. U wr my qt. U made me say ILY. U hurt me. WTG, jerk. FML.

I wish I knu the 411. Nt every1 n the wrld has ESP. It all hapnd so fast… 1 day I was @ the comp, but thN, I went AFK to cum vzit u. And as I went n 2 ur home, wut did I c? I saw u and ur other luvr. I wuz ^set. I almst had a AVE, BLVD, RD, ETC… I jst had 2 get 4, 4 away. The runN made me lose a lot of lbs (IE. APPROX 2).

@ home, my ETA wuz 4:00 PM. I prolly ran @ a pace of a billion MPH. Not dat u care tho. U always had a lo IQ. N e wA, here’s the surpriz: I filmd u cheatin on me. LOL! Take dat! Would u like a copy in VHS or DVD? Uhh… well… no 1 rly uses a VCR n e mor, but I’ll gladly make a VHS 4 ur parNts. Yes, dey gt a copy. ROFL. FYI, now u r the 1 dat is SOL. Dey will gt 2 watch evry sec of it. The day I send it is TBA. Liv n’ fear!

O, no need 4 thx… I’ll gladly say yw n advance.
RSVP 4 ur doom ASAP! (BYOB)

Ur Ex Luvr


Blah. That actually took more effort than writing the full words.

I think I’ll simply ditch the shortcuts and cutesy initials. In terms of communication and a clearer exchange of ideas, it’s better PR.

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  1. Sabryna says:

    Cutenews! <333 I don't see why people hate it so… they just don't understand it!

    Ha, that letter of yours gave me a headache, too. I had a lot of trouble reading it… Teh lax of grammarz hertz. The PS: FU was a nice touch, though.

  2. Francine says:

    my favourite movie was the second one,i dont know why,but i liked it because of the basilisks and snakes,plus the quidditch was good too. lately all the hp movies are just too much about the story,theres hardly any quidditch anymore…

  3. Diamond says:

    Haha. Lol I might. =3 Hehe! Let it be if it's so! =P Haha I see! Don't worry I'm sure it was. Sometimes it cannot be put to words. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wow. I read that slowly but I did get it all. I just didn't understand terms like BLVD, RD, AVE and ETA. Lol. The rest I managed. At the end it actually DID give me a bang in the head… LOL. Psychology or smth? =o XD

  4. myra36 says:

    Those short forms give me a headache too. Don't get me started on emoticons. Texting has turned the written communication skills of some into mush unfortunately.

  5. Greg says:

    Heyy (:
    I'm back, my holiday was great thanks for taking an interest!
    I couldnt keep updated when i was away cause i had NO I REPEAT NO interent :'(

    I was seriously crushed haha!


  6. Chynna says:

    That letter gave me a headache. It actually did, it took me a while to decipher it – no joke. I'm not used to this type of writing except maybe the occasional LOL & OMG. I need some paracetamol now… haha ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  7. Vivien says:

    Wow. Well, that was an interesting letter. Let's just say I feel bad for whoever is going to receive that.

    LOL. Yes, I am sure you would love to laugh and disagree, etc, etc.

    We'll see if I ever actually write a review though. I kinda got sick of the idea three days after I thought of it. /um.

  8. Julianne says:

    I was able to understand most of it, but honestly I stopped reading less than half way through and skipped to the end! It is annoying when people use most of those abbreviations. And I actually know some people use them offline, like this one kid I knew used to say L-O-L during class, it was actually pretty lame.

  9. Kat says:

    what. the. fuck!? hahahaha i couldn't understand that and i'm glad as well i only read like one line then thought fuck this its too hard LMFAO

    most of the time it's easier just to make complete sentences because you actually have to think of the abbreviations and it's like uhhhhh what do i shorten this word to

  10. Gillan says:

    Lol,you're letter did gave me a headache.
    And i think only people who thinks they're cool mostly uses Chat speak even offline xD

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