This Story Is Explosive

Let’s do a thought experiment. Imagine it’s a beautiful Saturday morning. You just woke up and hopped out of bed. You’re a little groggy, but since you got to sleep in, you’re generally feeling fantastic. You slide on your Hello Kitty slippers, swallow your pride, and exit the bedroom.

You make your way to the kitchen for breakfast, humming an obnoxious little tune. Grabbing a box of cereal, you sing to yourself, “Oppa Gangnam Style.” But as you take a seat at the table, you realize there’s nothing to read. Remembering that the local newspaper is waiting for you on your doorstep, you jump up and venture to the front door. You journey into the driveway, but suddenly, to your surprise, you notice two pipe bombs in the front lawn. What do you do?

No matter what you say, I guarantee it’s more sensible than what actually happened. Yes, in Hempstead, New York, a bus driver faced this exact dilemma and made the absolute worst decision imaginable. Instead of waiting for help, she chose to personally deliver the bombs to police.

Sources say the woman wrapped the devices in blankets, tossed them in her empty school bus, and headed to the nearest police station. Along the way, she contacted authorities via cellphone and shouted, “I have a school bus filled with explosives!”

I wonder if the bus driver knows how stupid she is? I mean, do idiots have the brain capacity to recognize that they don’t have the brain capacity?

I guarantee this isn’t the first stupid thing she’s done. Surely there were signs. Like, I bet she doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.” I bet she types everything in Caps Lock. I bet she likes an Adam Sandler movie from the past five years.

Somebody probably put those pipe bombs on her lawn to kill her and make the world a better place.

I admire her bravery, though. If I were eye-to-eye with a deadly explosive, I’d scream at the top of my lungs, dive in the opposite direction, and crawl under a car or something. I wouldn’t try to wrap the bomb in a warm fleece blanket.

Yes, she basically tucked it in like a little baby. Did she think she could prevent it from igniting if it took a little nappy-poo?

Honestly, if she can’t tell the difference between a child and a bomb, should she really be trusted with an entire school bus full of children? She was five minutes away from putting a diaper on it. And hell, a diaper might have made more sense. At least diapers can handle some explosions.

And after all this nonsense, the woman was not arrested. They let her slide, because she had good intentions. She did, however, lose her job. Although she is probably devastated, she shouldn’t be. She has other employment opportunities on the way…

Next year you will see her on the big screen with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, trying to keep their bus above 50 miles per hour.

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May 13 3:51 am

Yes, and I saw ALL the videos. They're really good! 😀

May 13 3:47 am

Haha thanks for asking! People do ask that but no, they're not mine. I was walking with my boyfriend in the city sort of near a park, and this lady was waiting outside with her cute little pups. She didn't mind us taking a photo 😀

May 13 3:46 am

This is what happens when you don't let natural selection take it's course. I bet this dumbass was supposed to die young so she couldn't give birth to more idiots, but was saved by the medical miracle.

May 13 3:40 am

Heh, heh *still laughing* :3

It's alright. We're all dumb sometimes anyhoo~ 🙂

May 13 3:31 am

Don't worry, I'm only referring to the awful hackers. xD
By the way, I love that Womanizer video!

May 13 3:26 am

thanks! but sadly i dont know how to make fonts so.. yeah. no chance. thanks for the drop though 🙂

May 13 3:24 am

thanks! followed you too. haha. yay for google lovers! (?) it's chi-wee btw. haha

May 13 3:24 am

yay! glad to know you're back now. would you like to still be affiliates? sorry I deleted your link coz you were inactive. but I'd like to put you back..:)

May 13 3:20 am

I agree do stupid people known they're stupid?

And thanks for your comment 😉
I forgot those chips(for good =P)
And now she's not making us eat chips anymore,'cause it's "salty" and we might be sick from eating "slaty" junk foods =P

May 13 2:56 am

wow that's woman's crazy. haha :)) i guess stupid people do not know that they're stupid. haha 😀

May 13 2:48 am

No, no I mean she broke the fuse when she yanked the cord out with her foot. XD XD

May 13 1:59 am

Hahaha. That woman was pretty dumb to even touch it. I would call the police straight away. Even though I don't know what a bomb looks like XD That was such a dangerous thing to do though U_U

I love that movie! XD

Oh haha, I think my friend must have yanked the plug pretty damn hard… XD

May 13 1:08 am

that woman was so cute. hahahh.. i wonder what's in head..
dad and i are also wondering bout that..if stupid people know theyre stupid. my dad and i always wonder together. lol.
*i enjoyed reading your 'about menace page'. YAY!

May 13 1:08 am

Haha, thanks 😛 Yours looks nice too.

Wow, that's stupid, but it does remind me of Speed, lol

May 12 10:46 pm

WOW, you're back! Where'd you go?

I'm going to find a different medicine for sure, if I take any, which I'll probably have to because my anxiety & stuff is really bad. And I want my weight to go back down so bad.

Oh my, that woman is dumb, haha. Who picks up bombs? FOR REAL! Lol. I think it's good that she lost her job, they obviously thought that she was dumb as well, lol.


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